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MARC PICARD Factory Outlet in Zweibruecken

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Factory Outlet
Londoner Bogen 10-90
66482  Zweibruecken


+49 (0) 63 32 / 46 02 15




Factory Outlet City:

Zweibrücken the Style OutletsDieses Outlet finden Sie in den Zweibrücken Style Outlets. Für weitere Infos wie Besonderheiten, Parkplätze und Events zu dieser Outlet City diesem Link folgen.


Details to MARC PICARD Factory Outlet


30 up to 70%

Range of goods:

Leather articles and luggage.


This outlet shop is operated by Marc Picard Lederwaren GmbH, a licence holder of the registered trademark Marc Picard.

Marc Picard evolved out of a leatherwear manufacturing company, which was established in the 1960s. Marc Picard was founded by Edwin and Anna Picard who acquired their skills in this craft in the district of Offenbach in Germany.
The Marc Picard Lederwaren group has its headquarters in the town of Altenbuch in the Spessart region. The current Marc Picard collections are on offer throughout Germany in approximately 50 company-owned specialist leatherwear shops and further partner stores, in the Marc Picard online shop, as well as now and again on TV home shopping channels. Here in this outlet shop you will find products from previous collections, trials and samples, production overruns as well as merchandise with minor defects.

Products are sold at between 30%-70% off the non-binding manufacturer's recommended retail price.


Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 7:00pm



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    MARC PICARD Factory Outlet in Zweibruecken

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