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Pictures to the Outlet City Roppenheim

Impressions and experiences in the Outlet City in Roppenheim. A first look at the traditional style of the outlet center.

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Movie to the Outlet City Roppenheim

This is a virtual Tour through the Outlet City Roppenheim and the Factory Outlets.

The Style Outlets Roppenheim

Over 100 Factory Outlets offering modern and fashionable men's, women's and children's fashion. This combined with great service guaranteed a wonderful day of shopping at the Style Outlet Roppenheim.

Outlet Shopping in Roppenheim

Basic data:
Total sales area: about 27.000m²
Number of Outlets: about 100 (watch Roppenheim Factory Outlet)
Visitors each year: 1,5 Million
Federal state: Alsatian

Specials: High-quality traditional architecture which is reminiscent of an Alsatian village.
Shopping hours: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

In order to provide a relaxed shopping experience from start to finish, no stress should arise already at the car park at the visitor. So has the style Outlet in Roppenheim to over 1,700 free parking.

In Style Outlet Roppenheim find visitors in over 100 outlets fashion collections and goods from overproduction of leading international brands and designer labels. On the retail space of approx. 27,000 m² you will find articles and merchandise up to 70% cheaper than the price of the manufacturer.

In the entrance area of the upper floor of the Style Outlets Roppenheim you find a tourist information office. If you have any questions, requests or concerns you have received there the necessary answers. The tourist information office (Tel: 0033 (0) 388 727 717) of the Style Outlets helps to questions Center, Hotels, Events and Travel Planning.
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The region around The Style Outlets Roppenheim

Roppenheim is a small commune in the north of Alsace. North of the small town with less than 1000 inhabitants runs the Department of Road D4, also known as state road 500 Here the Outlet Center Roppenheim is located
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Range of goods:
Brand products for yourself and your home. From designer fashion to shoes, accessories and jewelry. From sporting goods to home furnishings and lots of gift ideas. 

- The Center, including toilets suitable for disabled guests. 
- Tax Free Shopping to all non-EU citizens 

Free time: 
In addition to the beautiful Outlet northern Alsace offers plenty of recreational opportunities in addition to the shopping experience at Designer Outlet Roppenheim. These include firstly sights such as castles, museums and various sports facilities such as cycling.

La Place Alsace

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